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Pranayam – Where do you find the time?

Student’s Question: If a student’s schedule does not allow for and hour or more at a time, what should be the ratios of time allotted to asana/pranayama and meditation? Or should it be purely be feel? A timetable for beginners … Continue reading

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Anulom Viloma Pranayam

Follow-up from student: What does anuloma veloma do that other pranayama techniques do not? For example, should one just be patient/content with spinal breathing for “as long as it takes?” As far as whether anulom viloma pranayam is “best,” I … Continue reading

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Pranayama: Too much or Too Little?

Question from student: During our training, we talked about the signs/symptoms of doing “too much” of one’s system “not being ready.” I had to dial back and in fact by the end was not getting to anulom velom. Given that … Continue reading

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